Image by Joe Woods

Wall de A. R. Mitchell

A. R. Mitchell

Before a canvas was prepared for paint, Mitchell would sketch each part of the painting ensuring his final composition would be almost photographically accurate in scale and detail, leaving nothing to chance. Color was as important as content and Mitchell never steered clear of vivid colors, used whenever needed to make the painting almost hum with action or float as light as the slightest desert breeze.

About the Artist

A.R. Mitchell was a prolific artist, starting in his youth with sketches of working cowboys and western life then transitioning into the commercial art world through political and satirical cartoons for local papers. His most notable art was of his beloved West and all the characters and landscapes it encompassed. His pulp covers from the 1920s through the 1940s were always action packed, vividly colored and contained all the true to life details that would earn him the respect of his peers, the admiration of countless readers and the title King of The Western Pulp Cover Painters.

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